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At The Law Office of Joseph M. Owens, we take pride in defending the legal rights and interests of the uniformed men and women who protect the freedoms of the rest of us. As members of the Armed Forces, you are given the often unforgiving responsibility and duty of upholding the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately, your own rights may be jeopardized due to a criminal investigation, a court-martial, or an allegation.

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It’s your future. It’s your name. It’s your uniform. Why would you settle for anything less than the high-quality counsel your case merits? As a former uniformed soldier drawing on more than 25 years of military experience, Attorney Owens understands the complex nature of your specific case, and what your charges may imply for your future, your military career, or your freedom.

No matter the charges you face, we are ready to prepare an exacting counter attack on your behalf. Call The Law Office of Joseph M. Owens at (419) 3252 for a free consultation.

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